Our Story

In 2008, newlyweds, Chris and Stephanie decided to combine their shared love of animals and their passion for serving their community into Puppy Love. Chris has been working with animals since he was 12 years old.  His grandmother would drive him to a little pet shop in his hometown of Staunton Va, where he would volunteer. Since Chris was young, he has had a love for animals and a passion for business. Stephanie’s parents bred Pomeranians when she was a girl. She grew up with the privilege of finding these precious puppies the perfect forever families. Since then, Chris and Stephanie have been blessed with beautiful children and the privilege of working in a career that they truly have a passion and love for.

At Puppy Love, everyone treats each puppy with love and compassion. Chris and Stephanie specialize in healthy and well-socialized puppies and spend a tremendous amount of time researching their breeders and visiting their homes. The families that they choose to buy from have to meet their strict store standards and government regulations. Chris and Stephanie make a conscious effort to meet their breeders face-to-face and see first hand where their puppies come from! They only work with breeders who care for and love their dogs and puppies as much as they do!

With a focus on preventative health care for every puppy that comes into Puppy Love. The Puppy Love team will provides the healthiest and happiest pet for you and your family. The Puppy Love team goes above and beyond to ensure that the right puppy is placed in the right home. All new puppy parents will receive guidance beyond the adoption to ensure at the puppy and family are adapting well together. Chris and Stephanie are blessed to have a wonderful team and hope you will find their staff full of love, compassion, and knowledge.